VR Rooms

Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

Entermission VR escape room adventures are mind-blowingly different than anything you have done before. These social experiences are designed for a wide audience, from kids (8+) to grown-up gamers. There are immersive, exciting games for up to 6-players, with challenging, collaborative puzzles and amazing action for all types of groups. It’s perfect for fun with friends and family or unique team-building with squads of coworkers.




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Mind Blowingly Unique Adventures – Entermission adventures combine elements of escape rooms with the immersion and excitement of virtual reality for mind-blowingly different experiences unlike anything you have ever done. The thrills appeal to newcomers or veterans of VR or escape rooms. And there are elements that are completely unique. Imagine flying through a space station, trying to escape from an explosion or floating through the twisted mind of a madman. Experience it now. Enter the Mission!


  • HTC VIVE VR HEADSETS – for high res graphics;
  • LEAP MOTION HAND TRACKING – for immersive puzzle-solving;
  • BUTTKICKER LFE HAPTICS – rates intense realism you can feel;
  • WIND AND HEAT GENERATOR – for memorable incredible moments;
  • OLORAMA SCENT GENERATOR – you will swear it’s real;
  • TOP VR COMPUTING HARDWARE – VR core with Intel 17 8700 CPU & NVIDIA RTX graphics card for incredible environments and experiences

Mad Mind

Become a team of detectives from the future and go deep into the memories of a maniac to investigate the mysterious kidnapping of a child. Work together to solve diabolical and dangerous puzzles and uncover all of the secrets held in the mind of a madman.




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Space Heroes

Explore a sabotaged space station with your friends. Experience zero-gravity flight, shoot lasers, fight against hostile robots, and use telekinesis, all while collaboratively solving puzzles and working to save Earth.




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Mission Module

Entermission rooms feature 6 Mission Modules, high-end gaming chairs that have Buttkicker LFE haptics integrated into the seat, which creates vibrations and add intense realism you can feel. In the base of the unit is a VR core computer with Intel 17 8700 CPU & Nvidia RTX graphics card for silky smooth high-resolution graphics. Each room also features environmental effects designed to create deep immersion and incredible, memorable moments. Wind, heat, and scent generators are programed to synch with the most dramatic moments in the experience to create a sense of realism unmatched in any other virtual reality escape experience.