Best Escape Room Games in Concord including VR Virtual Realty

Concord has many things to do for group fun, but don’t forget to visit the escape room while there! Have a fun and thrilling night in an escape room Concord.

Escape room facilities boomed in popularity over the last decade or so as a new, fun alternative to gaming arcades. They combine the best of live-action gaming with video game-style scenarios. The introduction of VR headsets took the experience to new heights.

Escape Rooms in Concord
Escape Rooms in Concord

The top Escape Room Concord has to offer has a couple of thrilling new VR escape room games. Keep reading to learn more about a couple of ideal options for exciting group fun.

Save Outer Space in the Space Heroes VR Escape Room Game

If you need an escape from the world’s troubles, you might want to fly to outer space. Space Heroes introduces a heart-racing scenario. Futuristic robots and other space technology cause major problems far from Earth.

It might seem counterintuitive to book an escape room like this when you’re dealing with countless everyday stressors.

In reality, the satisfaction of solving complicated problems and saving the day in a puzzle game such as this one is therapeutic. The fictional problems are different enough from things bothering you in real life to not be upsetting. Working through high-pressure puzzles can help people process struggles.

Donning VR headsets in this techno-nightmare scenario comes with a thrill known by all science fiction fans. The gaming gear is one example of rapid technological and scientific progress, while the activity shows the dangers of developing advanced technology we may not understand. Combining them lends the game some thought-provoking metacommentary.

Track Down a Diabolical Kidnapper in the Mad Mind VR Escape Room

No decent person would ever kidnap or harm a child, but we have a fascination with people who commit these crimes. Mad Mind is the VR escape room for anyone who can’t get enough of that kind of drama.

Horror movies, crime fiction, mystery television shows like Criminal Minds, and true crime docuseries are most people’s introduction to the terrifying subject matter. Video game fans enjoy a wide range of options including the popular Silent Hill series to get their fix.

Once you’ve watched many series and played the most popular games at home, you might be desperate for more content. You may also be wishing you could solve one of these high-stakes mysteries with a group of friends and dream of saving the day in a live-action scenario. If you feel that way, Mad Mind is right for you and your pals.

The game takes you to the future, where you get a look into the dark memories of someone who committed one of these heinous acts. You’ll get the satisfaction of solving the mystery through a series of puzzles and delve into disturbing and shocking secrets.

The Best Escape Room Concord Loves

These escape room games highlight some of the exciting things VR headsets make possible. To enjoy these games in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, visit Zscape Games. It’s the best escape room Concord has to offer and a top contender in the Bay Area.

Escape rooms are an enjoyable, COVID-safe entertainment option for groups as you don’t have to mingle with big groups of strangers. We sanitize the game rooms and equipment between groups for your safety. If you have any questions or want to book a game, contact us.

Here’s a list of Escape Rooms in Concord:

Red Door Escape Room
ATG Escape Rooms

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