Best Escape Room Games in San Jose including VR Virtual Realty

Escape Rooms In San Jose

Come and Join our escape rooms at Zscape games in San Ramon. We have many different themed rooms on offer alongside some Virtual Reality experiences for the whole family, friends, works nights and team building exercises.

Looking for a new thing to do with a group? As you scramble to solve the puzzles and try to escape our room, this is the perfect option to get your friends or family together! Getting as far away as you can get from the norm!

Who Loves Escape Rooms 


The entire point of traveling is to see something different than you might at home. If you are alone or with a group.


Please test your skills to solve puzzles and problems? Locked In Escape Room brings code-cracking and adventure into real life with intricate puzzles and brain teasers for any level of players. Leave your PlayStation and Xbox at home. You will not be fooled…

Building Companies & Teams 

Looking for the fun for your team in San Jose? Take a chance on a REAL LIFE ESCAPE GAME for you and your teams. After one of our matches, the group will get together more easily and work together even more.

How To Get Out Of An Escape Room

There is no promise in being able to finish the game. Each room is built to have everything you need to escape. You do not need any special equipment, you’re just looking for the right spot, of course. Within, the only tool you must use is your mind. Check out other Oakland Escape Games or Escape Games in Santa Clara as well.

However, with regard to escape rooms, the most important rule is that it is a game. It was built for your friends and family to love and enjoy. Another major advantage is that the escape rooms are an excellent place to bond. Team building is generally dull, but you and your colleagues will enjoy it! We guarantee! Any questions?

History Of Escape Rooms

The history of the escapes is a much-discussed topic. The common theory is that the idea was developed in 2004 by Toshimitsu Takagi from a computer play called Crimson Rush. The premise of this game was very much like what you see today in escapes around the world.

In a crimson colored room you are stuck and must figure out a variety of clues. In total, you have to complete 23 steps which will finally lead to your escape. In 2007, SCRAP created the first live escape room in Japan, creating a completely interactive game in which a series of puzzles and riddles were to be solved by players to escape a game. Sound fun; ready to book a room now?

Additional Information

Here’s a list of San Jose Escape rooms:
PanIQ Escape Room San Jose
Beat The Lock Escape Room – San Jose, CA
Cubic Escape Room
Crimson Key Escape Room Experience
San Jose Room Escape
Breakout Studios
Key Quest Escape Room
Get Away Games & Media
EDscapade Games

Zscape games is based in San Ramon, California. After you have tried your Escape Game options in San Jose, Come on over to our facility in San Ramon.
Our facilities are cleaned after every use in accordance to Covid-19 regulations, you can also  hire out the whole center if you’d prefer not to encounter other people during your game time.

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How far is San Ramon to San Jose
San Ramon is is about 30 Miles to San Jose and take about 30 minutes of driving