Best Escape Room Games in Oakland including VR Virtual Realty

Escape Room In Oakland 

Here at Zscape Games in San Ramon we have plenty to offer in the name of entertainment for you friends, family, kids, work teams and more, everyone is welcome if you’re brave enough to test the boundaries of your minds problem solving skills alongside communication and team working abilities. It’s a race against time with our escape rooms.

Why Do An Escape Room?

They are a great way to bring a group of being together regardless of the occasion we cater for everyone and can assure you’ll have a great time.

How can you celebrate the end of your freedom more effectively than locking your friends in a room? Escape Rooms invites Stag and Hen parties with fun. Wearing fancy clothes is advertised!


You’re one year older, so you’re more knowledgeable? Check your puzzle solving skills in the Escape Rooms we offer! Take your mates to our friendly alternative rooms and celebrate your birthday.


Escape Rooms are an amazing way to have fun with your family, friends or others. It tests the abilities of your team and who knows, you might be the next Watson and Holmes! Are you ready to Book Now?


Take your office staff out and settle down with puzzles in a themed space! Escape rooms are a nice alternative to boring meetings and conference rooms. It’s a great way to introduce new employees to the existing staff. You could beat your boss! This is a promotional explanation! We even have Virtual Escape Rooms.

Benefits Of Escape Rooms

An escape room is an immersive environment that facilitates problem resolution, teamwork and clues to accomplish a specific goal. They typically have cognitive experience and learning and an incredible gaming experience. Escape rooms also provide players with educationally enriching scenarios that make them confident, smart and happy. Some of the reasons for playing an escape room are below:

Enhances the power and memory of your mind.

When you’re old, you can still test your memory. Challenges and puzzles will help you preserve and remember your memory by communicating with language, symbol or code.

Some escape spaces enable you to maintain and recover your energy in the game later. These habits improve your memory dramatically and longevity so that something useful and efficient can be taken away in your everyday life.

Enhances social ability and contact. 

Social interaction is important for human beings. When you are in high pressure, it is advisable to talk to the people around you to face the challenges. In escape rooms teams are put in a situation where communication is necessary. When you completely immerse yourself in the digital world, your physical voice will vanish easily. Fleeing games revitalize the inner desire to discuss ideas and resolve team obstacles. See your options in San Jose as well as Santa Clara California!

Additional Information

Here’s a list of Oakland Escape Rooms:
Escape Oakland – Oakland, CA
Mastermind Treasure Hunts  – Oakland California

If you’ve tried out all the Escape Games in Oakland; why not head over to San Ramon and try us out….

Zscape Games is Located in San Ramon, CA. Our facilities are cleaned after every use in accordance to Covid-19 regulations, you can also  hire out the whole center if you’d prefer not to encounter other people during your game time.

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How far is San Ramon to Oakland
San Ramon is is about 20 Miles to Oakland and take about 20 minutes of driving