Best San Francisco Escape Room Games including VR Virtual Realty

Once you’re done visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll want some time for fun—how does an escape room sound? Find the best San Francisco escape rooms here.

Do you want something fun and original to do on your sightseeing trip in San Francisco? Do you crave a new experience to help bond with friends, family, or colleagues? If so, then you need to try the amazing escape rooms the city has to offer.

San Francisco Escape Rooms
San Francisco Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have everything you could desire a fun-filled day out. Below, we discuss the best San Francisco Escape Rooms that you must try.

The San Francisco Escape Rooms Experience

If you have never experienced the fun of an escape room, then you need to try one quickly. You and your chosen team of friends, family or colleagues will have to work together. Locked in a room, you have one hour to work together and solve puzzles, all in the pursuit of escape room glory.

Each escape room has its own theme, and often its own level of difficulty. If you have never done one before, you should start with the easier rooms and work up to tougher ones.

Escape Room Themes

Zscape has two themed escape rooms to choose from. These are the toy box and prison break themes.

The prison break sees you incarcerated for a crime you did not commit. You need to escape your jail cell quickly, with the limited resources and the help of your friends. Will you do it within the hour, before the warden realizes the plan you have been hatching?

Our other experience, and one slightly tougher in difficulty, is the toy box. You have been shrunk down in your childhood bedroom. Your parents return home in exactly one hour, but can you reassemble your shrink ray and reverse yourself back to normal height before they get back?

Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

Are you an escape room expert who thinks they have played them all? Then you need to step up the game with a virtual reality escape room experience.

VR has all the excitement of an escape room but with even more immersion. Once you put on our VR headsets, you really do step inside another world. We have a choice of two VR escape rooms for you to try.

The first of these is the Mad Mind room. Stepping into the future, you and your squad become a team of detectives. Your task is to stop the Mad Mind, a diabolical mastermind responsible for kidnapping a child.

Our second room takes you into the cosmos. With lasers, angry robots, and telekinesis, you need to use everything at your disposal to escape the abandoned spacecraft. Will you get the engine running and manage to return home from your VR experience in time?

Book Immediately

Now you know the best San Francisco escape rooms, avoid delay by booking immediately. If you are new to escape rooms, start with an easier level. For the experts, jump straight in with a challenging VR experience.

Your first stop for San Francisco Escape Rooms should be Zscape. Click here to see our excellent range of escape rooms and book today to avoid disappointment.

Here’s a list of Escape Rooms in San Francisco:

The Escape Game San Francisco
PanIQ Escape Room San Francisco
ClockWise Escape Room
Real Escape Game San Francisco Japantown
Palace Games
Escape Room “Blind Tiger”
Real Escape Game – Polk St
ClueKeeper: Escape the Musée Mécanique

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