Best Bay Area Escape Room Games including VR Virtual Realty

Need something fun to do for the whole family? Try a VR Virtual Reality escape room! Find the best Bay Area escape rooms here.

Are you struggling to think of a fun, group activity? If you need to entertain the family or book a corporate event, then escape rooms are a truly unique opportunity. Once you know how good they are, you could have one of the most memorable days of your life.

Bay Area Escape Rooms
Bay Area Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are so successful as they have something for everyone. Below, we discuss the best Bay Area escape rooms and why you need to book one immediately.

What Are Escape Rooms?

Escape rooms are the interactive puzzle experiences that have taken the globe by storm. Each one is uniquely themed, and you will find yourself starting inside and being given a clue. This will lead you through a complex plot line and story, which involves solving puzzles as you go.

If you crack the puzzle before the time limit, then you have beaten the escape room and leave victorious. If not, then you miss out on the glory and satisfaction of being one of the best brains in the area!

Who Can Do Escape Rooms?

Escape rooms are excellent for any group wanting to bond, spend a day together and have fun. They can be enjoyed by friends as recreation activities, experienced as family activities, or used for corporate team-building exercises.

Our escape rooms last for 1 hour. They can be enjoyed by between 2 to 10 people depending on the game. They come in varying levels of difficulty.

What Are the Best Bay Area Escape Rooms?

We pride ourselves on having the best rooms in the Bay Area. With evocative decor and complex plot lines, you can be sure to have an excellent time.

Beginners should try the prison break escape room. Anyone who wants to get a bit more advanced can be shrunken down and tackle our giant toy box!

If you do not mind a little fright once in a while, then we have a treat in store for you. Our scary ritual-themed room is on its way and ready for the first sacrifice very soon!

Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

Do you want to take the excitement and adventure of an escape room to the next level? Are you already an expert in the escape room scene? If so, then you need to amp up the experience with VR.

Slip-on a headset and climb inside another world. You have the freedom to explore two amazing worlds in our VR experiences, both of which will leave you desperate for more.

Step inside the space heroes’ experience and explore a sabotaged space station. In this anti-gravity environment, you will fire lasers, fend off robots and use your powers of telekinesis. All of this will be done while solving problems to win the game with your chosen team of galactic adventurers.

If space is not your thing, then hop into a virtual reality dystopian future with Mad Mind. As a team of detectives, you will work to solve a child kidnapping ring masterminded by a diabolical overlord.

Book Today

Now you know the best Bay Area escape rooms, you need to book fast. Discuss with friends or colleagues what type of room you would prefer and the level of difficulty. Combine it with a meal in a local restaurant or drinks in a nearby bar for an amazing day out.

Zscape games should be your first stop for entertainment in the Bay Area. Visit our booking form and reserve your Zscape adventure for the time of your life!

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